Maths Tables Games

1 Pizza Pizzazz
(Multiple choice, forces correct answer)

1. In the program, click on Start.
2. Choose which Table you need to practice, eg 6
3. Drag the pizza to the correct table
- until you get 20 correct.
4. If you need more practice, keep going till 40.
5. Choose other tables to practise - to go back, press F5 (or click the browser's Back arrow button, or View, Refresh)

2 Math Is Fun!
(Multiple choice)

1. Start with: Two Times Tables
2. Keep doing the test until you get 10 out of 10 correct.
3. Then move up to the next one: Three Times Tables.
4. Keep going until you have got 10 out of 10 up to the Twelve Times Tables.

Extra: Try for the Thirteen Times Tables.

3 Car Wash

1. Choose a table number to practise (greater than 5), eg 6
2. When you get to around 40 correct, you race the car around the race track. Who can get the lowest time?

4 Multiplication Matho

Click on the card with the correct answer

5 Multiplication Tables - Matching Cards
Click on the cards. You have to click on a card that has the same value as the previous card.
6 Speed Math - Multiply and Divide
1. In the purple box at the bottom right, for Length of Game tick the 5 questions box.
2. Click "I'm ready! Letís start."
3. Click "I'm ready! Press here to see this problem!"
4. Complete the number sentence.
5. Complete the rest.
6. See what speed you got.
7 Number Invaders - Multiplication
1. Click on the X (times)
2. Click on the tables number to practise (eg, 6 for 6 times table)
3. Click Play.
- to fire, press the SPACE BAR
- to move, press the LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW LEYS
(Sometimes you have to do larger calculations in your head, eg 6 x 16 = 96)

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